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Case Cushions - The Essential Basic Tools of Watchmaking

Case cushions are another less essential but still useful tool for a watchmaker. In most cases your bench mat may be a little too hard to work on your movement or more fragile parts. Also putting a watch crystal side down on your bench mat or work bench while trying to open the case back is just asking for trouble. This is where a case cushion comes in very handy.

They are available in a variety of materials including leather, silicone and gel as well as multiple sizes, common sizes are 55mm and 75mm diameters. Some may even include a dust cover.

75mm Gel Cushion / 50mm Padded Cushion
75mm Gel Cushion / 50mm Padded Cushion

I currently have two case cushions, a 50mm diameter padded case cushion and a 75mm diameter gel cushion. They both serve a purpose: the 50mm padded cushion is the perfect size for movements and parts (less so for cases) and has a good level of give, but the black colour makes it harder to see parts. The 75mm gel cushion is a much better lighter colour and a better size for cases. It is slightly too firm to work on parts but offers a better grip on a crystal for opening a notched screw case back.

Bergeon and Horotec are the two main case cushion manufacturers.

Rough Cost

Basic Variety = from £4

Branded Variety = from £20


Not essential but useful when working on a movement outside of the movement holder and reviewing parts. Definitely not worth the investment in a branded option as cheap options are good enough.

If you think I've missed anything or have anything to add, please comment below.