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The 40+ Essential Basic Tools of Watchmaking

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Hi everyone, welcome to my first of many posts on Watchmaking and Me! I only took my first steps into watch making as a hobby a few months ago, but feel I've learnt loads in that time and wanted to share it with you. I started studying watches as a hobby, but learned very quickly that this was no cheap hobby, so be prepared to spend money on tools - there always seems to be a new job to do that requires a special tool to complete. Check out my total watch tool expenditure so far on my homepage!

You can read more about how i got here on this page.

In this post i’m going to list the essential basic tools of watchmaking and then in later posts review each tool type in detail and include my own tips and advice on where to splash the cash and where to budget with an alternative option. Hopefully this helps you avoid some of the mistakes I've made along the way. Actually, ordering the vast array of watchmakers tools is no easy feat, especially as so many of them are essential in the process at some point. I've counted over 60 different types of tools that I've used so far, and that doesn't even include the various options available within each tool purpose.

This is roughly ordered in the sequence a watchmaker will need each tool to disassemble, fault find, fix/replace parts, clean, oil and reassemble a watch. Some would argue that screwdrivers or tweezers are the number one tool of a watchmaker, but my logical brain says that neither is of much use if you you're not able to remove the case back first - as I've recently discovered with a stubborn case back!

The 40+ Essential Basic Tools

  1. Case Back Remover

  2. Finger Protection

  3. Optics

  4. Screwdrivers

  5. Tweezers

  6. Parts Containers

  7. Movement Holders

  8. Dust Covers

  9. Watch Dial Protector

  10. Hand Removers

  11. Bench Mat

  12. Case Cushion

  13. Cannon Pinion Remover

  14. Pegwood

  15. Pith Wood

  16. Dust Blower

  17. Watchmakers Putty

  18. Magnet

  19. Tool Sharpening

  20. Watch Cleaning Solutions

  21. Plastic Liquid Dropper Bottles

  22. Brushes

  23. Watch Papers / Bristol Paper

  24. Staking Block

  25. Pin Vice

  26. Case Holder

  27. Staking Set

  28. Watchmakers Hammer

  29. Spring Bar Remover

  30. Compass

  31. Demagnetiser

  32. Mainspring Winder

  33. Oiling Kit

  34. Watchmaking Oils

  35. Mainspring Oiling Tweezers

  36. Hand Pusher

  37. Cleaning Cloths

  38. Desk Lamp

  39. Clamp On Desk Vice

  40. Timegrapher

  41. Cleaning Machine

  42. Tool Box

If you think I've missed anything or have anything to add, please comment below.