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I started Watchmaking & Me to share my passion and knowledge with those already bitten by the watchmaking bug.  I've often spent hours searching online for answers on a specific issue, and even though there is a wealth of information out there, it hasn't always been very useful, hence why I wanted to share my own findings. 

While building this site I realised something I had not really contemplated.  Every page I've designed, every blog post I've written, every photo I've taken, has made me take a step back and think in detail about each process.  During all my classes, I was going full steam ahead to learn, absorb and complete each watch as guided, and then the following week move on to the next watch.  I never really took the time to reflect on what i had learned and understand it fully. 


Building this site has actually become a personal educational tool.  It has given me the time and focus to reflect on each aspect of watchmaking and fully understand it.  It has become an equal passion to the watchmaking itself and loving every minute.